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Daily Schedule

A day in the life of a Longfellow Primary School student!

Report your child absent by calling Longfellow Primary by 9:30AM at

Attendance in school is important! Chronic absences keep kids from getting the consistent instruction they need to build on basic skills.  Frequent absences not only mean less instruction, but also missed opportunities for intervention, re-teaching and enrichment.

Frequent absences can have an impact on your child’s success in school.

While we do not encourage you to send your child to school when ill, it’s important to keep track of how many days your child is actually missing, especially when they are missing because of reasons other than illness. There are also things you can do to help your child want to go to school, or at least not try to avoid it:

  • Talk with your child. Try to find out the reason for missing school. Together, you can try to brainstorm some solutions.
  • Call the school and talk with an adult who knows your child like their teacher, school counselor, or principal. Find out what the school can do to help.

Our School Day

Adult supervision of students does not begin until 8:00AM for students who are eating breakfast and 8:20AM for all others. 

Adult supervision of students ends at 4:00PM. 

Before + After School Care

Sidney City Schools is proud to offer Latchkey to Sidney families with children in grades kindergarten through 5th. Families can get affordable, supervised before and/or after school care for district students enrolled in grades K-5 for the school year. Drop-in rates and inclement weather cancellation rates are available. Your child must be pre-registered prior to dropping in.

Latchkey Information